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Dr. Hutchinson is an analytical-environmental chemist currently working at Hamilton College in New York. They credit their rural upbringing as being the driving force that led them to environmental chemistry. As a first-generation student and academic, they are driven to provide an inclusive educational environment for all their students. At Hamilton College, they continue research at the intersection of analytical and environmental chemistry.

They are passionate about equitable and accessible teaching. They have a strong foundation in student-led active learning that they frequently pull from in lectures and labs. Outside of teaching, they provide outreach and advocacy for rural, first-generation, and LGBTQIA+ students. Dr. Hutchinson is available for mentoring for interested undergraduate and graduate students.

Outside of chemistry, you can often find them training and competing in a multitude of dog sports or photographing wildlife, particularly birds.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs


January 2022 - The Hutchinson Lab is moving! Starting summer 2022, Dr. Hutchinson will be moving to Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.

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