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St. Bonaventure University


Spring 2021

Types of assignments



There will be four 50-minute (“hourly”) exams worth 100 points each. The tests will be a combination of short answer, calculation-based problems, multiple choice, and true/false questions. The hourly exams only cover the material covered between the previous exam and the current exam. You must show all work to receive partial credit; if no work is shown, the question will be given a zero on that problem. The three highest scores will be included in the final grade calculation. You will be given a periodic table and a sheet with formulas and constants for every exam. You do not need to memorize these, but you are expected to know how and when to use them.


All exams must be taken during the regularly scheduled times. Exams cannot be taken outside the scheduled time without instructor permission. There will be NO makeup exams without valid documentation. If classes are cancelled by the University on the day of a scheduled exam, then the test is automatically scheduled for the next class lecture period. For university excused absences it is the students’ responsibility to notify the instructor and make arrangements within 72 hours.


The hourly exams will be returned graded within 3 days. Grades will not be available until all exams have been graded. Once the exam is returned, you have one week to correct the written portion of the exam outside of class time and return the exam for up to an additional 10 points, up to a total of 100 points. Corrections must be attached as a separate sheet for credit. You are welcome to work in groups to correct exams, but you will only receive credit for your individual corrections. Corrections may not be an option for every exam.

Final Exam

The final exam will consist of the American Chemical Society exam. The ACS examination is a comprehensive examination that includes material from General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II. The examination is completely multiple choice. It is highly suggested that you order the “General Chemistry Study Guide: Preparing for Your ACS Examination in General Chemistry” (ISBN: 978-1-7327764-0-1) at this link:

You will want to start studying for the exam at least a month in advanced. Study guides will also be provided in the chemistry lounge in De La Roche 312.

Grading for the final exam will be based on percentile scores.

Homework Assignments (HW)

There will be Homework (HW) assignments due at 11:59 pm two weeks after a homework assignment is available. The first homework assignment will open on Jan 31. Updated due dates and times can be found on MasteringChemistry. Homework problems should be answered while we are covering the chapter in class. You are encouraged to work on these daily as they are quite long to do in one sitting. You are strongly encouraged to ensure you understand how to work all homework problems as problems and questions on the exams will be based upon homework and examples worked in class.

Reading Quizzes (RQ)

Reading quizzes will be available through Moodle. These cover important concepts in every chapter. These quizzes are intended to be completed after your initial reading of the chapter and before the chapter is started in class. They will be due by 11:30 am the day of the lecture starting each chapter.  See Moodle for due dates and up-to-date schedule.


Element Project

You will be randomly assigned an element on February 1, 2021. Throughout the semester, you will research your element and develop a concept map for your element. A detailed rubric will be posted to Moodle after elements are assigned.

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