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St. Bonaventure University

CHEM-431 & CHML-431

Spring 2021

Types of assignments



There will be three 75-minute exams.  The tests will be a combination of short answer, calculation-based problems, multiple choice, and true/false questions. The hourly exams only cover the material covered between the previous exam and the current exam. There will be a 2-hour comprehensive Final Exam. The Final Exam will be cumulative. You must show all work at receive partial credit; if no work is shown, the question will be given a zero on that problem. You will be given a periodic table and a sheet with formulas and constants for every exam. You do not need to memorize these, but you are expected to know how and when to use them.


All exams must be taken during the regularly scheduled times. Exams cannot be taken outside the scheduled time.  There will be NO makeup exams.  A missed exam will count as a ZERO (excluding a well-documented serious illness, requiring hospitalization).  If classes are cancelled by the University on the day of a scheduled exam, then the test is automatically scheduled for the next class lecture period.  For university excused absences it is the students’ responsibility to notify the instructor and make arrangements in within 48 hours.

Case Studies (CS)

Case studies will be completed in groups of 4. You will have the option of several case studies to choose from. These are intended to provide you with real-world context for the content of this course including forensics, environmental chemistry, petrochemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry. These case studies will also give you experience in collaboration, as science is often done with other people. Each group will create a written summary and give a short (10 minute) oral presentation on their case study; additionally, each group member will be evaluated by their fellow group members. Each case study is worth 75 points broken down as:

            Written summary – 30 points

            Oral presentation (10 min) – 30 points

            Group evaluation – 15 points

Homework Assignments (HW)

There will be Chapter Homework (HW) assignments due at 11:59 pm every other Sunday based on the material we cover in class. The tentative schedule can be found on the Course Schedule page; this may change due to class progress.  Updated due dates and times can be found on Sapling.  Homework problems should be answered while we are covering the chapter in class.  You are encouraged to work on these daily as they are quite long to do in one sitting. You are strongly encouraged to ensure you understand how to work all homework problems as problems and questions on the exams will be based upon homework and examples worked in class



In-Class Assignments

These will be short, problem-solving worksheets that will be worked together during class. They are due at the beginning of the next class period. These are intended to provide you with guided practice in the concepts of this course.

In-Class Assignments
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