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St. Bonaventure University


Spring 2021

Grade distribution


Categories & Points

Grades on all assignments will be given in points. Points in all categories will be approximately equivalent.


Each category will be weighted as stated below:

Hourly Exams:

300 points (30%)

Final Exam:

200 points (20%)

Chapter Homework Assignments (MasteringChemistry):

200 points (20%)    

Reading Quizzes:

150 points (15%)

Element Project:

150 points (15%)


1000 points

Requirements to be Graded

To be graded on the grading scale defined above, you must pass the final exam (>130 points).

Failing to meet this requirement will result in a student not to be graded by the grading scale described in the previous section.  Grades in these cases are determined on an individual basis and are at the instructor’s discretion.  Thus, failing the final, skipping an excessive number of homework assignments or class assignments may result in a grade lower than the number of points you have accumulated would otherwise indicate.


If you feel that an error was made in the grading of homework or exams, you may request a re-grade by notifying the instructor within one week of receiving it.

Late Work

Late work will receive a penalty of 20% per day and will not be accepted after 5 days. This DOES include weekends for anything submitted via Moodle

Letter Grade Assigments
Requirements to be Graded
Late Work

Letter Grade Assignment

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